Bucket lists are my favorite kind of to do lists. They are all about things you want to do, not things you have to do. All the joy of goal setting with none of the pressure!

I especially love creating seasonal bucket lists. Sometimes we are moving through our days so quickly that we forget to savor the present. Celebrating the seasons with season-specific bucket lists helps us to slow down and create memories that will far outlast that load of laundry or list of errands.

Add a summer bucket list to your planner with this free printable in letter, A5, and personal planner size!

Remember how much you loved summer as a child? How exciting it was counting down to the end of the school year when summer would begin? Remember all the things you looked forward to during the summer- playing in the sprinkler, eating popsicles by the pool, watching the July 4th fireworks?

Just because you are an adult now and have responsibilities during the summer doesn’t mean that summer magic should end! Download this FREE Printable Summer Bucket List, and start thinking of fun things to do this summer!

And if you are planning on using these printables in your planner, be sure to check out the coordinating Hello Summer sticker collection in the shop! With two different sizes of kits and 10 different a la carte sheets, there are options to fit any planning style!


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