Beautiful Mess Planner Sticker Collection from The Poppy Print Shop

Watercolor Planner Stickers Roundup

Watercolor motifs have been incredibly popular recently, and it’s pretty obvious why. Beautifully blended colors, flowing brushstrokes, and dreamy florals and scenes… what’s not to love? In celebration of World Watercolor Month, here’s a roundup of beautiful stickers (and one cover!) to add a touch of watercolor to your planner! Where to Buy Beautiful Mess […] Read more…

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Learn to embrace progress over perfection and create habits that actually stick using these tips plus a FREE printable worksheet!

Progress Over Perfection: A Guide to Habit Creation for Perfectionists

One of the best ways to create positive, long-term changes in your life is the development of new habits. The idea is that completing a specific task every day over an extended period of time makes the task automatic so that you can continue the habit in the future without much effort or thought. While there are an abundance of books, blog posts, worksheets, and planner inserts made specifically to […] Read more…

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Set intentional monthly goals to create a more balanced life with this FREE printable worksheet!

Monthly Goal Setting for a More Balanced Life

I have always loved the start of a new month. A new month means fresh pages in my planner and new activities to plan. But my favorite part of a new month is setting monthly goals! Instead of focusing on one large goal, I try to set at least one small goal for each area […] Read more…

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Build confidence and increase happiness with the guided prompts in The Mood Booster Journal! Also includes a Daily Happiness Diary!

The Mood Booster Journal Review + Giveaway

The Mood Booster Journal Giveaway has ended! Thank you to everyone who entered! Read below for my full review or purchase The Mood Booster Journal on Amazon now!* (Amazon Affiliate Link) As someone who deals with anxiety, I know how important it is to find self care activities that help you work through those feelings of overwhelm, […] Read more…

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Treat yourself to summer self care that is vegan, cruelty-free, and free of toxic ingredients with Arbonne! Read top summer product picks and reviews from Mandi Marin, Independent Consultant, and then check out the full product line at

Summer Self Care Essentials from Arbonne

When was the last time you really pampered yourself? If you can’t remember, don’t feel bad- you aren’t the only one. It’s easy to get so caught up in taking care of our homes and our loved ones and all the things on our to do lists that we forget to take care of ourselves. […] Read more…

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Prioritize your to do list plus FREE printable worksheet!

How to Prioritize Your To Do List + Free Printable Worksheet

If you are a goal-setter, a planner, and perfectionist like me, you probably take pleasure in sitting down each day to write a to do list. The need to dos, the want to dos, the should to dos, the could to dos. By the end, you’re staring at a list a mile-long with no idea […] Read more…

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FREE Summer Bucket List Printables in Letter, A5, and Personal Planner sizes!

FREE Summer Bucket List Printable

Bucket lists are my favorite kind of to do lists. They are all about things you want to do, not things you have to do. All the joy of goal setting with none of the pressure! I especially love creating seasonal bucket lists. Sometimes we are moving through our days so quickly that we forget to savor the […] Read more…

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Bloom where you are planted - 3 steps to help you flourish when you are feeling stuck

“Bloom where you are planted.”

I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase before. Maybe you’ve seen it on a motivational poster or on a graphic covered in flowers. The truth is, this phrase is centuries old but has no official known origin or author. Yet somehow, it has managed to stand the test of time. But what does it really mean? […] Read more…

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