Tips on how to create a feng chui friendly interior spacing

Feng Chui is an over 6000-year-old Chinese practice that focuses on good health and fortune. It originated from the Chinese philosophies of viewing water and wind as signs of good health.

Feng Chui’s art and practice can be used to make interior spaces energized, calm, and inspiring. Feng Chui allows creation of a positive atmosphere through reinforcement of the core aspects of interior design.

Creating a Feng Chui-friendly interior is easy and fun if you know the basics.

Here are the top tips:

Create an Energized Atmosphere With Quality Light and Air Flow

In Feng Chui, light manifests energy. The flow of natural light indoors creates a positive vibe. One proven way to introduce the flow of natural light indoors is by opening blinds and curtains. Use candles or lamps to introduce sensual and calm energy in dark living indoor spaces. Keep the windows open to enable fresh air to keep flowing into your rooms all day.

Create an Atmosphere That Balances the Five Elements of Feng Chui

In its natural orientation, the kitchen combines the five elements of Chui. These are categorized in the format of oven representing fire, earth — food, sink — water, cabinetry — wood, and appliances — metal. Create a revitalized ambiance by placing stoves on an island rather than against the wall.

Allow light to flow in abundance to your home by making the main door inviting. You can use vibrant rugs, side lamps, side tables, or a flower vase to make the entrance inviting.

Induce a feeling of relaxation by ensuring the bedroom is free of clutter. Keep it clean and fresh looking, as well. Make the living room inviting and cordial by properly organizing the furniture and adding plants and mirrors.

Balance Between Color and Function

Colors can enhance or impair the mood and look. Paint your kitchen yellow to optimize energy flow. Paint the front doors and the living room green or red to encourage prosperity and balance.

Personalize your home, so it’s fully functional. Get slightly damaged items repaired and those broken beyond repair thrown out.

According to Feng Chui, most negative energy leaves the room via the drains, and that’s why you must ensure they’re free of clogs. Clean your home of anything you consider invaluable and add stuff that adds to your daily energy.

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